Frequently Asked Questions & answers

How do I save products to wishlist?

When you hover mouse over product you see the above icon 
Click the icon and the product inserted to your wishlist. Info: to save wishlist you must be registered user.

I have to go to the tab to see the product;

How can make order?

1. Shop Online

 Click to the product that you interest for, and going to rpoduct view.

In product view:

1) Choice: (f.ex. Size)
2) Choice quantity: (f.ex. 2)
3) Click Add to cart

1 step for checkout

2. Phone call to +30 2310-525364, daily 09:00 – 17:00


Can I track the progress of my order?

Yes. Once you place an order online, you are notified by email at each stage or change of status.
On the My Account tab, you can see the history of your orders.

Can I return my order?

Yes you can:

Incorrect order. If you receive a product that you did not order. (Free refund costs)
Damaged – defective product. (Free refund costs)
You do not want the order. (Within 10 days, in intact state with your own cost return)

How can I contact you?

In the top bar of the page, there is a Contact link, which contains all the available ways to communicate with us.